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Courses for primary school teachers


While children have their spring holidays, primary schools teachers have full-time courses on the topic "Updated content of primary education" in the Children's Development Center of the Department of Preschool and Primary Education of PSPI. Courses lasted about 36 hours and were conducted by the scientists of the department professor Zhumabayeva Z.E and PhD doctor, senior lecturer Sapabekov DK, they have certificates of the NIS trainer.

The main aim of the course program is to improve the pedagogical skills of primary school teachers in the context of updating the content of primary education.

The objectives of the program: to familiarize with the structure, content, goals, objectives of the updated program for primary classes; to form an initial understanding and application of pedagogical approaches of the updated content of primary education in practical activities in school.

 During the courses, teachers acquired certain skills and necessary skills for the implementation of the renewed education program in the primary school. They got acquainted with new textbooks for the first grades, with the concept of "cross-cutting themes", with the general requirements of a new approach to teaching in primary classes, approaches for assessing students' learning achievements.

Primary school teachers know that the pedagogical approach within the framework of the updated content is based on active learning. Children must be actively involved in the learning process to understand the educational material,. Primary school teachers got acquainted with new aspects of teaching. It seems that the knowledge gained at the courses will help teachers to take an active part in the fulfillment of the tasks in the field of education defined by the President of our country                  N.A.Nazarbayev, Graduates should be able to speak Kazakh, Russian and English. As a result of training, students should develop their critical thinking skills, independent research and in-depth analysis of information.