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Employees and lecturers of the PSPU took part in the meeting of the akim of Pavlodar


Employees and lecturers of the university took part in the reporting meeting of the Akim of Pavlodar Nurzhan Ashimbetov, held in the Palace of Culture named after Estay.

At the meeting, the akim of the city told the Pavlodar people what work by the authorities had done for the year, and also about plans for the future. Akim said that 1 billion 700 thousand tenge and more than 600 million tenge for city roads were allocated for the improvement of urban courtyards this year.

- “This is a big task, because it is not only an accomplishment, but also an environmental issue. I think that the entire population, including the AOK, should join”. - Nurzhan Ashimbetov said.

Akim of the city answered also many questions from citizens on social, educational and cultural topics. Tatyana Komandik, Head of the Department of Physical Culture of the PSPU, shared her opinion on the meeting with akim.

- “I really liked that much attention was paid to the improvement of the city, abandoned parks, the creation of towns for children, because this is one of the key problems concerning all townspeople from small to adults. We are not indifferent to where our children can spend their leisure time”. - Head of the Department of Physical Culture of the PSPU, Tatyana Komandik said.