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From theory to practice!


PSPU students of the 4th course of “Pre-School Education and Training” specialty started the production practice, which is the most important link in the vocational training system.

They will pass it on the basis of the State Commission “Nursery and Kindergarten No. 45”. During the practice, graduate students actualize and consolidate the theoretical knowledge, knowledge and skills obtained within the walls of the university, learn to apply their knowledge in practical professional work, organize educational activities with children of preschool age. Head of the Department of Preschool and Primary Education Zaida Zhumabaeva spoke at the conference. She noted the special importance of the production practice.

Head of the practice Khamzina K. B. introduced the students to the requirements, responsibilities of students during her passage, as well as the documentation.

The installation conference ended with a training where students expressed their thoughts about what they expected from this practice and wished each other practical skills and creative successes.