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History of the institute


On September, 19th 1962 was established Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute. A Faculty of Physics and Mathematics with chemical-biological and philological departments was opened.

A Faculty of History and Philology was opened. In autumn PPI got to its disposal a five-stotied buildng № 3.

A dormitory №1 for 515 seats was launched.

PPI made the first issue of graduates - 50 teachers of Russian language and literature and 37 teachers of mathematics.

Faculty of Social professions, Faculty of Teacher Training schools on a voluntary basis were opened.

A dormitory №1 for 515 seats was launched.

The chemical-biological faculty with a physical education department identified from the faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport identified from the Chemical-biological Faculty.
A sporting academic building with four rooms was launched.

A Faculty of Foreign Languages was organized.

An indoor swimming pool was commissioned.

PPI was awarded the challenge Red Banner of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Kazakhstan, Council of Ministers of Kazakh SSR, and Central Committee of Youth of Kazakhstan.

PPI was recognized as the winner of All-Union socialist competitions among higher pedagogical educational institutions of the Union and was awarded the challenge Red Banner of the Ministry of Education of the USSR and the Central Trade Union of Education, higher education and research institutions.

A material and technical base was strengthened: 4 buildings, 22 laboratories, 8 language laboratories, 22 audience rooms and 22 cabinets. There were 239 teachers, among them a Doctor of Sciences and 81 PhDs.

A training of specialists with official language studying in two areas started: physical education teacher and coach on sport type and physical education teacher and biology.


An issue of the first graduates of teaching faculty in the accelerated training of Kazakh language teachers in Russian schools.

Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute became a part of a structure of PSU named after S. Toraighyrov. There were 3226 students and 272 teachers.

PPI dropped out of the structure of PSU named. S. Toraighyrov. By a resolution № 128 dated from February 3, 2004 of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established Republican State Enterprise “Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute” of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On September 1, in PPI were 8 faculties and 29 departments.

Magistracy and college opened.

PSPI started to publish two national magazines “Pedagogical messenger of Kazakhstan” and “Biological Sciences of Kazakhstan”.

An educational process was provided by 419 people, including 16 doctors and professors, 85 PhDs.

PSPI became a Republican experimental ground for testing and implementation of “Self-knowledge” course.

Multimedia lecture facilities were created, an opening of PSPI website.

Visit of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The structure of PSPI contains 9 faculties and 26 departments.

PSPI got a certificate of quality management system in accordance with international standard requirements ISO 9001:2000.

23 theses, including 3 theses for Doctor’s degree and 20 PhD were defended.

The educational process was provided by 7 faculties and 20 departments.

18 theses, including 3 theses for Doctor’s degree and 15 PhD were defended.

PSPI was awarded the «European Quality».

There was signed an agreement to participate in Great Charter of Universities (Bologna, Italy).

In April, PSPI became an experimental ground for an introduction of multilingual education.Источник: http://ppi.kz/