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Birthday of PSPI


On September 19, 2016 lecturers, veterans of pedagogical work, employees, students and numerous guests marked the first birthday of the Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute for the first time. It was on this day, in 1962, when the university was opened in Pavlodar region, which has been training teachers for almost 55 years.

The guests were invited to the holiday: Meiram Begentaev – deputy akim of Pavlodar region, Gulbaram Naurazbayeva – the chairperson of the regional trade union of educators, Natalia Nefyodova – the head of the regional department for youth policy.

In 2017 the Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute will celebrate its 55th anniversary. During this time the university had a rich and rich history. At the suggestion and initiative of the acting of the rector of PSPI, Professor Altynbek Nukhuly, the bureau of the university will be enriched by another tradition: to mark September 19 as the birthday of PSPI, the Day of the Institute.

It is customary to give presents on the day of birth. An excellent gift to the university was the building along Lenin Street, 151, in which moved the scientific and practical center of archaeological, ethnological and paleontological research of PSPI. Over time, the Regional Archaeological Center named after Academician Alkey Margulan and a museum dedicated to the famous scientist-archeologist, orientalist, historian will be created here. This house in the old part of the city was transferred to the university by the decision of the regional akimat for free use and is best suited for the museum of ancient history. In a solemn ceremony the deputy akim of the area M. Begentaev and Acting of the Rector of PSPI A. Nuhuly cut the ribbon at the entrance to a new home archaeologists.

On the same day, another significant event took place – the opening of the student co-working center “Жастар алаңы”, located in the new Student House. The Center was opened jointly with the public association “Pavlodar regional organization of the Kazakhstan branch trade union of educators and scientists”. The main objective of the co-working center is to create a platform for the implementation of socially significant student initiatives, to develop social projects in the field of improving the quality of student life and to organize an accessible working space for the joint work of students and start-up entrepreneurs from among graduates of the institute wishing to self-actualize. Acting of the rector of PSPI Altynbek Nukhuly expressed gratitude to the akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov, his deputy Meiram Begentyev and Gulbar Naurazbayeva for support in this endeavor.

“Dear students”, – he said, – “today the institute creates all conditions for you to receive quality education and personal development. I urge you to use effectively all opportunities and I hope you will actively participate in the activities of the co-working center. You hold the keys to the kingdom, and we, the older generation, will always support you”.

Gulbaram Naurazbayeva, chairperson of the regional trade union of education workers addressed the audience with a welcoming speech, noting that she considered the PSPI a right-flank high school, and Pavlodar region as the educational capital of the republic. She stressed that the opening of the two centers is very symbolic: one draws us to history, and the second – the territory of the future, active youth.

After the center was solemnly opened, here for the student’s activists of the Institute conducted an indicative training on the development of leadership qualities.

The first graduates of Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute, who devoted their entire life to teaching, were invited to the celebration. This is Migrash Smagulovich Sagidullin, Valentina Sergeevna Shatun, Nadezhda Emelyanovna Prikhodko. On behalf of the pedagogical community, they expressed gratitude for the organization of such a wonderful holiday, for the fact that the university respects and respects traditions, veterans do not forget.

Another highlight of the Institute's Day was the opening of the “I love PSPI” stela in the courtyard of the student hostel. The stela looks bright and colorful – on the green pedestal, there is an inscription in English, meaning in translation “I love PSPI”, and a huge heart. Against the background of the new landmarks of the university participants and guests of the holiday made memorable photos.

A rich cultural program waited for everyone who celebrated the institute’s birthday – students took part in aytys of akyns, in football competitions, in cheerful contests, and the creative teams of the university prepared a concert. Students from the heart had fun at the disco, and the holiday ended with colorful fireworks.