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Keeping Traditions


On September 19, 2016 for the Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute was marked by a large-scale event – the opening of the Regional Archaeological Center named after Academician Alkey Margulan. The building along Lenin Street, 151 was transferred to the university by the regional akimat.

It is no accident that the center will bear the name of the famous scientist-archeologist, historian with world-wide name Alkey Khakanovich Margulan. Alkey Margulan – the founder of the Kazakh school of archeology and ethnography – made an invaluable contribution to the study of the history of Kazakhstan.

The main mission of the center is to promote the historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. There will be conducted research in the field of archeology, ethnology, local lore and tourism.

Deputy Mayor of Pavlodar region Meiram Begentyev congratulated PSPI on this significant event. “I hope, in the future this center will become a guide for our region for new achievements”. – He said. Meiram Begentyev noted the invaluable contribution of PSPI to studying history and preserving the cultural heritage of the region and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For more than one year, archaeological excavations have been conducted on the territory of the ethnographic and archaeological complex of Akkol-Zhayilma. Back in 2004, on the shore of Lake Akkol, two kilometers from the settlement of Karazhar inside the ancient Kazakh cemetery were discovered the remains of two medieval mausoleums.

With the course of archaeological excavations on the first day of Kurban ayt akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov, deputy akim Mayrim Begentayev and akim of Ekibastuz city Kairat Nukenov were introduced by the acting rector of PSPI Altynbek Nukhuly and the director of the center Timur Smagulov.

The data from archaeologists confirm that Akkol-Zhayilma was one of the ancient political centers of the Great Steppe. It was the political and cult center of Ulus in the Golden Horde period. Excavations in the complex continue, which means that archaeologists will please us in the future with sensational findings.

The cutting of the red tape marked the opening of the new center, after which Altynbek Nukhuly and Timur Smagulov showed the center to the guests.

Altynbek Nukhuly noted the great work of the team of the archaeological center of the university and the special director Timur Smagulov.

This event will give a new impetus to the popularization and further development of the study of the history of our region.