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News from trainees


Students of the fourth year of the specialty “Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge” since January 29, 2018, are practicing in the school №19, secondary school №24 “Regional Center for Adaptation of Minors” Pavlodar, secondary school №222, Kyzylorda, and Kazakh Women’s Gymnasium №25, Ekibastuz.

During practice, students gain experience in performing the functions of a social teacher and teacher for self-knowledge. They try to carry out all kinds of work in a timely manner in accordance with the program of industrial (pedagogical) practice, as well as provided for by an individual task, while observing the rules of the internal regulations of the educational institution, the rules of labor protection, safety rules, fire safety and industrial sanitation.

In accordance with the program, an individual plan of teaching and educational work with students is drawn up, which is approved by the head of practice, director, deputy director, teacher-subject and class teacher.