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PSPI discussed the issue of transition to the Latin alphabet


The Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute hosted a joint meeting of the Miras Public Council at the regional branch of the Nur Otan Party and the faculty of the Institute. The main topic of discussion was the issue of translating the Kazakh alphabet into Latin script, as well as the adoption of a unified alphabet standard based on the Latin alphabet.

According to the rector of PSPI Altynbek Nukhuly for the long years of using Cyrillic the Kazakh language was inevitably influenced by the Russian language. - It's no secret that even citizens who perfectly master the state language do not always correctly pronounce Kazakh sounds. Growing young people who can not properly pronounce such sounds as "қ", "ң". And the role of the Cyrillic alphabet is considerable. In this regard, the transition to the Latin alphabet is timely. My opinion, you need to carefully approach the issue of transition to the Latin alphabet, and take into account all the features of the language, "the rector of the university emphasized.

This idea was supported by a member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan Galymbek Zhumatov. In his opinion, the question of using digraphs requires a deeper study. - The use of digraphs is a worldwide practice. For example, they are used in German. We know about how the "h", "w" are written in German. But they are few, they are not used so often, and they only mean consonant sounds. In this regard, I think the proposed version of 25 letters requires further development, "the writer noted.

About the same opinion, another member of Miras, known journalist Akmaral Saginbekova. In her opinion, when moving to a new written language, one should also take into account the issue of further integration into the Turkic world. - Changing the writing process is not easy. Just think, the Kazakhs have changed the alphabet for the third time in the last 100 years. I fully support the transition to the Latin alphabet. To do this, we need to reduce risks, and since we decide on this step, we need to take into account all aspects, including similarities with other Turkic alphabets, "says the journalist.

At the end of the event the chairman of the OS "Miras" Roza Igibayeva thanked the members of the council for the expressed suggestions and for the active civil position. According to her, all proposals will not be left without attention and they will be forwarded to the relevant bodies.

Source: Press Service of the party's "Nur Otan"