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The contest was organized by the Committee of Youth of the PSPI with the support of the Department for Educational Work and Youth Policy.

 For the second year the participants and organizers of the contest are assiduously preparing and achieving good results. Wishing to participate in it was a lot, but they chose the best of the best. In the finals were 8 participants who could present themselves worthily. The guys sang, danced, read a monologue and even sang in sign language.

 The contestants had 2 weeks to prepare the contest. During this time they managed to make videos and prepared the production

 The jury were representatives of the Department for Educational Work and Youth Policy Almas Kenzhegalin and Arman Istymbekov, last year's winner of the PSPIvision Galym Userbai, former chairman and activist of the KDM Aidan Muratova and the current chairman of the KDP, Danagul Tusupova.

Outstanding among all was a first-year student, studying for a teacher of Kazakh language and literature Azat Busurmanov, who won the contest. The guy read "The Orphan's Monologue", which touched the heart of every spectator in the hall.

And the next award for the nomination "Best production" was taken by the band "Nadezhda", who sang the song "Cuckoo" in sign language.

The second place was taken by Aigerim Baybulinova with the song "Dances on the Glasses", and Alpysbai Gulzhazira took the third place with modern dance.

The other contestants were awarded valuable prizes and a letter of thanks. They were Myrzali Baltashov with the song " Сенің күкіңнен аумайды ", Elmira Amantaeva with the song " Ұнайды маған " and Dana Shorabek with the song " Әдемі қыз ".