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Scientific Library. E. Bekmakhanov held an evening "Ұстаздардың ұстазы", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of T. K. Shayakhmetov.


The event, held in PSPI, as part of the celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Institute. For the evening the graduates of the university were invited, and now the famous professors of the university: Naimanov B. A., Achkinadze O. S., Khairullina N. Zh. as well as family members - the spouse Nauryzbaeva G. A., M. Shayakhmetova, the daughter of T. K. Shayakhmetov, and his grandchildren.

The evening was opened by Alexander Svidersky, the vice-rector for scientific work and international relations of PSPI, who noted the contribution of T. Shayakhmetov, who had been the rector of PSPI for many years, to the development of the institute. The event was held in a very warm atmosphere - the students of T.Shayakhmetov shared their memories of the outstanding teacher-teacher of teachers. For some, he was an excellent leader, and for others a wonderful father, husband, grandfather and just a man. As the guests note, the distinguishing feature of Professor Shayakhmetov was the exactingness-both to others and to oneself-combined with justice and sensitivity. In his heart, to the last, there was love for his little motherland and for his disciples.

In the performance of the students of the Music Department, T. Shayakhmetov's favorite songs and compositions were performed, the staff of the museum arranged an exhibition of personal belongings and documents, and the library staff organized an exhibition of literature.

The evening was attended by students of 1 and 2 courses of all faculties who listened with interest to the history of a man who went down in history not only Pavlodar pedagogical community, but also the entire Irtysh region and the entire pedagogical community of Kazakhstan.