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Seminar for the teachers of history


On the basis of department of history of Kazakhstan and foreign countries of PSPI there took place the scientific and practical seminar for teachers of schools of the city and area on the subject "Use of Interactive Applications on History Occupations". During the seminar questions of need of use of information technologies and new opportunities of their application at history lessons were discussed.

At a seminar the presentation of the interactive application to the manual "Legal Bases of Colonization of Kazakhstan" developed by Professor Otepova G. E. was presented. This grant is recommended to use in educational process by Republican educational and methodical council of KazNU of Abay. The interactive application is prepared by the student of ISh-42 Yellnikov P. within the intra high school scientific project for practical use. Presentation, availability, scientific character of the prepared digital application will allow interesting many teachers in further use, distribution and use of computer technologies on classes in history.