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Library workers are participants of professional forums


The staff of scientific library of E.Bekmakhanov of PSPI K.K. Toleubayeva and T. K. Alkenova became conferees and seminars trainings in Almaty and Astana. Within five days the specialist of scientific library of higher education institution T. K. Alkenova took active part in work of seminar training in library of Nazarbayev University on whom the directions of development of high school libraries at the present stage were discussed.

The seminar purpose was consideration of ways of improvement and development of leader potential of heads of the top and average management of libraries of higher educational institutions in the conditions of transition to new model of steering of higher education institution.

For discussion of hot topics concerning current world trends in development of high school library experts and the staff of libraries of higher education institutions of Kazakhstan gathered on a discussion platform.

The considerable attention was paid to consideration of the existing standards in the international assessment of activity of libraries. Within the discussed subjects recommendations about revision of key activities of libraries, namely cutting-down of volumes of printing completing, including a subscription for printing editions were offered; steering of electronic resources, subscriptions, licenses, the organization and development of an institutional repository, promotion of the account, a role of libraries in ensuring inclusivity of the higher education. Upon termination of day facultative classes and online trainings for fixing of the discussed subjects were given.

Chief of scientific and bibliographic department Toleubayeva K. K. participated in work of the international scientific and practical conference on the subject "Advance of Media and Information Literacy for the purpose of Increase in Information Culture of Society in the Republic of Kazakhstan" which passed in KazNU of al-Farabi on the basis of scientific library. Important feature of a conference - participation of representatives of UNESCO in it, the UN, public organizations, book publishing houses. Among conferees there were representatives of libraries of 46 higher education institutions, 5 colleges and 2 RK schools. The representative of information bureau UN Vlastemil Samek placed emphasis on cooperation in sustainable development between KazNU of al-Farabi and the UN. The main performances were devoted to questions of media and information literacy which were considered from the different points of view. Within the conference also 3 sections devoted to a condition of media education in RK and to development of media competence of students worked.

In structure of a conference two actions were especially marked out. The first was the presentation of the library SMARTLIBRARY system, the second - a round table on the subject "Formation of Information Culture in Libraries" (questions of information culture of the librarian, efficiency of realization of media education were discussed).  

According to the staff of scientific library of higher education institution, participation in similar actions allows library experts to improve skills and promotes broadcast of experience of the leading high school libraries of the country.