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The first debated tournament took place in PSPI


The first debated tournament took place in PSPI. Intellectual debating club works only six months, and for this short time, they were able to collect a considerable number of people.

The tournament revealed the great potential of our youth, a high level of critical thinking, also revealed its oratorical abilities.

There were many important aspects, like children's smoking, and problems of the education system. The winners of the first debating tournament of PSPI become the active debaters and future students of PSPI, tenth-form students Yaroslav Mironov and Alimkhan Zhanibekov. They showed their high level of debating skill, and they deservedly received the first rank. All participants who received high ranks were awarded valuable prizes, and now they are preparing for the next tournament.

This tournament was the birthday of an intellectual debating club. With the support of PSPI, debaters can make a significant contribution to the development of our country and society.