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The Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute hosted the republican conference "Alash: Heritage and Modernity"


The Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute hosted a republican scientific and practical conference. This event was attended by scientists and teachers of higher and secondary special educational institutions; students, undergraduates, graduate students and applicants; scientific workers; teachers of secondary general and additional education.

The main tasks of the conference were consolidation of efforts of Kazakhstan and foreign scientists in the discussion of theoretical, methodological and research issues in the study of the pre-revolutionary, revolutionary and Soviet stages in the history of Alash.

The conference materials show the increased interest in the political events of the beginning of the twentieth century, which turned the world history and the history of the Kazakh people. The Kazakh intelligentsia, led by Alikhan Bukeikhanov, entered into a struggle with the tsarist authorities, using the power of speech and the press. In modern history, the ideas of protecting national interests and the implementation of national ideas were first expressed in the political program documents of the Alash movement. It aimed to gradually adapt Kazakh society to modern realities on the basis of a reasonable combination of national traditions with the best achievements of civilization on the basis of autonomous Kazakh statehood. 100 years have passed since then, but the ideas of the Alash party are still relevant today.

In the course of the dialogue, the conference participants stated and outlined the range of problems: the philosophy of the national idea of ​​Alash in the context of modernization of public consciousness and the state program "Туған жер".

At the end of the conference teachers of schools in Pavlodar and Pavlodar region were awarded certificates for participation in the contest held on this topic.

More details of the conference will be continued at the sectional meeting.