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Creative exam on self-knowledge


At department of pedagogics of PSPI there took place creative exam at the students studying the course "Self-knowledge". Feature of offset consisted in a form of its delivery. It included two tasks: the social and pedagogical video on "We Do the World better" and a performance "Integration of universal values in various genres of works of art".

The action purpose was development of ability in a creative form to express complete vision of problems of spiritual and moral education; practice of universal values in professional activity and everyday life.

Students coped with the first task successfully, having shown creativity in creation of videos. The most interesting, videos, original and deep on sense, were noted in the nominations.

The second task was a performance: students prepared according to the chosen universal value. Performances were estimated by the following criteria: depth of disclosure of a subject; integrity and originality of the presented performance; harmony of content of a performance, musical and decorating; performing culture; acting skills; creativity; variety of genres (singing, dance, recitation, pantomimes).

Students prepared for this task: chose fairy tales, studied words, created suits. And the efforts turned this action into the real dramatized representation. The Kazakh and Russian national fairy tales were presented to spectators.

The tornado of applause was received by the MF-21 groups which showed the fairy tale "Golden Fish ", SPS-21 with the fairy tale "Girl and cat ", FI-21 with the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood". They struck the audience with beautiful suits, a harmony of content of a performance, musical and decorating, creativity.

Integrity and a plot also the FKS-21 groups with the fairy tale "Snow White and Seven Gnomes", D-21 - "Girl and cat", INF-21 - "Kolobok". The MI-21 groups showed ability and ability to reincarnate in images of the characters in the fairy tale. The fairy tale "Seven Kids" was presented by two groups (GI together with HB-21 and KO-21). Both statements sounded both in original language (Russian), and on Kazakh, added with the creative imagination and humour of students. And the ShTA-21 group caused a stir in statement of a parable of own composition on a morality problem in the modern world. 

Students received a big emotional charge, showed high activity and desire to participate in similar actions.