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The conference devoted to Kabyken Autalipov's creativity took place in PSPI


Within the actions devoted to the 25 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the scientific library of E.Bekmakhanov of PSPI together with the Irtysh regional central library the conference "Great teacher" according to Kabyken Autalipov's book "The golden nest is my school" is held online.

The author of the book is the teacher, the passionate local historian, the excellent student of national education of the Kazakh SSR, the gentleman of the Order of Lenin, the participant of the Great Patriotic War, the honorable citizen of the Irtysh district. Kabyken Autalipov devoted nearly half a century of the life to service of science and education, more than 25 years worked as the director of the Kazakh school No. 2 of the Irtysh district. The book "The golden nest is my school" on which Kabyken Autalipov worked was finished by his son Nurbolat Autalipov.

Veterans of pedagogical work, journalists, the public representatives, staff of libraries and students gathered in the Irtysh regional library and in the hall of educational information resources of A. S. Katerinin of PSPI.

Addressed conferees Nurbolat Autalipov - Kabyken Autalipov's son, teachers, graduates of school No. 2 of different years: M. S. Salikhzyanova, K. N. Bekbatyrov, G. R. Baysugurov, G. S. Sharipov, H. Z. Zeyneshov, and also famous journalist Galymbek Zhumatov and deputy director of the Center of development of youth initiatives Sayat Zhusupbayev. All of them, telling about life and work of K. A. Autalipov, noted features and the directions of its pedagogical work which are used in school practice also now. Colleagues, K. Autalipov's friends in the memoirs especially noted that he was exclusively benevolent, open, sincere person ready to help everyone both the word, and business.

Conferees got acquainted with materials of a book exhibition "Great teacher", the slide program and the video "the Teacher was also submitted to their attention! Before your name...".

Staff of libraries expressed opinion that the book is of great importance in an education system, especially in educational work, and takes the worthy place among the known pedagogical educational editions. Teachers, librarians and all organizations of education and culture can use materials of the book in practical work.