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What is it, a real start-up?


At the Faculty of Pedagogy and Sports of PSPU, there was a meeting with representatives of the department of science on the development of youth entrepreneurship and start-ups.

The head of the Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Office of the PSPU Elnar Utyubayev and the expert Kabylbek Omarov held the meeting. Representatives of the Department of Science told stories of successful student startups realized in the Pavlodar region.

Students listened with interest to the possibilities of creating a business startup model, as a new commercial project, which is created with the goal of profit from the business after its successful development. During the meeting, many topical questions were asked about combining studies, business, and possible sources of financing, terms of participation in various startup project competitions.

At the same time, the students learned that, it turns out, not every commercial project opened can be called a start-up. Under this definition, only a small part of business projects that are developing from scratch is included. Classic start-ups have one characteristic feature: they have a unique (original, exclusive) idea and a real start-up never copies already well-known commercial projects, but is something radically new.

- Try to think in an innovative way. Do not think that these are empty dreams and fantasies: tie new ideas to real problems. Original and creative thoughts rarely arise on their own - they need to be stimulated with daily practice, – Elnar Utyubayev summed up.